Trimble Juno 3D Review

So I got my hands on the new Juno 3D a few weeks ago. Now I'm thinking to myself, how the am I supposed to review »

Google Glasses as GIS Tools

Nick Bilton, from the NY Times recently posted an article about a new product from Google called Google glasses.In his article, he talks about how »

Geospatially Inspired Podcasts for your Career and your Goals

Off from a long hiatus from blogging, tweeting and social media in general, I've been a little inspired to write. I listen to many podcasts on »

Lightsquared & GPS- A "Balanced" View

TweetJust last Monday, I published an article in Directions Magazine entitled "Whats' the deal with the Lightsquared/GPS clash?". Within an hour of publishing, I get »

How I passed the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam

Back in January, I posted my plan on how I would prepare for the new Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam. I told you guys that I »