Going serverless on my ghost blog with s3, route 53, and cloudfront

Why? So I've had a blog for years, the first permutation was rockymountaingeo.com. I've always done hosting with some sort of LAMP server. This has »

The tool shouldn't matter

Why is it that thought leaders in this field care so much about the tools that you use to solve problems with GIS? The argument for »

A disposition for Innovation

This is certainly not a technical article, but as a technologist, this article rings true to my experience. What's the best disposition that sets you up »

The ArcGIS Identity Crisis

I've been working with the ArcGIS Suite of products since I was first indoctrinated into the cult of Commercial GIS Software during my Geography undergrad at »

GeoEgo out of control

I'm finishing up a book from Ryan Holiday, called "Ego is the Enemy". It's for all intents and purposes a follow on to his previous book »