Google Maps gets more personal

There are a myriad of articles about Google Maps and how it is affecting our privacy.  Well, Google upped the ante today with Body Browser from Google Labs.  All joking aside, this is not an invasion of privacy, but instead a really great showcase of how we can use a mapping api, WebGL, and a little creativity, to create an amazing application.

There are 6 layers that you can set transparency for.  I'm not a an anatomy guy but the layers appear to be:

  1. Skin and Clothes
  2. Muscular System
  3. Skeletal System
  4. Other Organs (Respiratory, digestive, ect.)
  5. Cardiovascular System
  6. Nervous System
    What does this have to do with maps?  Every location, perspective, and layer transparency has a unique URL, which means you can zoom in on a specific spot on the body, set your layer view, and then just send the address in your browser to someone else and they will be able to see the exact same thing!
    Try it.  First download Google Chrome Beta, then click on this link (you should see the a picture that is similar to the screen shot above)
    Not only is this a fun, but the possibilities for health care and education are endless!