ESRI Technical Certification

*Redlands, California - *ESRI announced that it will be providing a new technical certification for GIS Professionals.  Currently, there are a few different certifications available for aspiring GIS professionals who would like to help their CV's, and prove more relevance in the industry; GISP, ASPRS, included.  (Forgive me if I'm forgetting any others.)

The ESRI Technical Certification program offers three different tracts for professionals, with two levels of examination available in each; Associate and Professional:

  • Desktop

  • ArcGIS Desktop* Developer

  • ArcGIS Desktop Developer

  • Web Application Developer
  • Mobile Developer* EnterpriseThe exams will open January 17th 2011.  ESRI has partnered with Pearson VUE for hosting the exams.  That means that you'll have to go into one of the 5,000 testing centers to take an exam.

ESRI has taken certification to the next level.  The GIS certification landscape is now even further diversified. So study up and prepare.  There is no doubt that these will show up on RFP's, Job Descriptions, and the like.