GeoExplorer 6000 Review Preview

TweetI just wanted to post a preview for my upcoming review of the GeoExplorer 6000 series.  I've been a little busy lately with other work (go »

Trimble GeoExplorer Timeline

The new GeoExplorer® 6000 Series was just released on February 17th, 2011.  We are now coming close to 15 years of the GeoExplorer® series.  I thought »

How I'm preparing for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam

I plan on taking the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam in early February 2011.  Until then, I've devised a plan to prepare for it.  I'm sticking to »

Geospatial tech gets mainstream with the Kinect

Many of us in the Geospatial profession are quite proud of the niche that we celebrate due to the nature of expertise required to operate the »

High-Accuracy GIS on your iPhone or Android–What it would take

Do you own an Android-Powered smartphone or iPhone?  Then you are helping to create the combined market share dominance that these two platforms are now celebrating; »